Tell me about yourself – an easy interview question?


Tell me about yourself?

Often the first question asked at interview? Surely this should be the easiest question to answer? I mean, who doesn’t like to and who isn’t able to talk about themselves? But no, often interviewees are thrown by this very simple question, struggling to respond and end up rambling on and reciting their whole CV and almost what appears to be their life story! This is not what the interviewers want to hear and this will very quickly become clear.

This can throw the rest of the interview for the interviewee when it is the perfect opportunity to pitch as to why they are perfect for the job. The answer to this question needs to be succinct with the response relevant and concise.

A very simple process to use is Present-Past-Future formula.

The temptation with this question is to start with the past – this is not the place to start at all!

Firstly start with the Present – where are you now, what are you doing and what skills are you using currently..

Then move into the Past – a little about your previous [relevant to the job opportunity being interviewed for] experiences and skills ..

Finally moving into the Future –  why you are excited about and suitable for this current position ..

This formula can be used for any sales situation and is perfect to ensure a focused response.