Office & Training Solutions is a training provider and a vibrant and innovative consultancy practice operating in Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Donegal, Galway and well throughout Ireland, providing first-class customer service and a commitment to achieving significant results for clients.

Office & Training Solutions has been in operation since 2003, as a client you can expect first-class customer service and a commitment to achieving significant results. Our approach includes but is not limited to the creation, implementation and execution of the following services on behalf of our clients:

Tailored training and one to one mentoring and coaching solutions to both the public and private sector in the areas of Management Skills Development, Personal Development &  Business Development & Planning [to include tendering supports]
Project Review, Evaluation & Funding application submissions: We assist clients in reviewing and evaluating projects determining their effectiveness in achieving objectives and present recommendations and strategic planning support achieving these objectives to include completing funding applications.
 General Operational Policy and Procedure Development: We support clients to develop tailored and flexible policies and procedures to ensure a safe, organized, convivial, empowering and nondiscriminatory work place
Public Procurement Advisory Services: We assist state funded organisations and their project promoters to ensure they meet national & EU regulations when procuring public funds.
Tendering for the Private Sector we support private sector individuals and businesses to complete and submit high quality responses to tender call
Our client base is wide-ranging, spanning a broad range of industry sectors ranging from multinational organisations to a wide host of community & voluntary groups. Our focus is on the delivery of very pragmatic consultancy and management / skills development support to clients in both the public and private sectors.
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