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A very good course, interactive and hands on, tutor extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking at becoming a Trainer in their specific field of expertise.


I’m so glad that I completed this course as it has really given me the confidence to apply for trainer roles in the future. Orla is a wonderful trainer who really knows how to get the best out of everyone.


Orla is a very gifted and skillful trainer. She made the course so interesting, very informative, very interactive and practical. She made the group feel so at ease and as a result we all formed some valuable friendships. I’d highly recommend the course and its trainer.


Orla delivered a programme of training that I found easy to follow, interesting and importantly, increased my theoretical and practical knowledge. I found her to be supporting and flexible to the needs of the individual and group members. Overall, I am very happy with what I was helped to achieve during my training and will absolutely benefit from this in its future application.


I was sent on this course and if I’m honest I agreed because I thought why not, it will all help me to find employment or hopefully get to teach childcare if a position should come available. I really loved every minute of the course and I met some really nice people. I thought the course was very professionally ran and I believe it is one of the best courses I’ve ever done. I have told so many about the training. I am panicking though about my assignment, Thank you very much Orla for your time your expertise and your ability to make learning fun. Thank you.


Really enjoyed the course, Orla Leydon is brilliant at what she does very clear and helpful and as well as learning we also had some fun, never minded going any day will actually miss it.


I could not recommend this course strongly enough… very well structured, relaxed atmosphere whilst very professional and focused on the overall aims and objectives. Well done Orla, and thanks again.


Orla is a fantastic trainer and teacher, and creates a relaxed and fun learning environment. I had never done anything remotely like this before, and being a Stonemason, this was not an environment I was familiar with, but Orla delivered the information in such a clear way that I was able to take it in without feeling completely overwhelmed. The group were great too, and the help and support from everyone throughout the exercises really boost your self confidence. Cannot fault Orla, I would recommend anybody thinking of doing this course to contact her.


Having attended many many courses over the years, this particular programme ranks well into the Top 5. That the course leader was a subject matter expert was abundantly evident; there was a great mix of passion (for the subject) and compassion (for individuals and their needs) resulting in an extremely professional presentation of the programme which has set very high standards to be achieved by those of us who will go on to deliver training in the future.


Orla is a true educator, always aware of her students’ needs and capabilities, knowledgeable on many topics, patient and positive. Anyone contemplating entering the world of training or mentoring should take this course first as it prepares you for the workplace

I took the Train the Trainer course with Orla Leydon two years ago and it made a significant improvement in my delivery of courses, workshops and presentations. I fully recommend Orla Leydon as a facilitator and the Train the Trainer program as she delivered it. Now I feel more confident, calm and relaxed as I deliver the workshops and courses that I facilitate Padraig King – Achieve Peak Performance


I took the Train the Trainer course with Orla Leydon and I loved it. It gave me the foundation to improve my presentations and as a result I am now a CPC Driver Trainer (Tutor) under the RSA with CPC.ie and soon heading to Saudi in a similar role. I would fully recommend Orla and this course, as she will relax and boost your confidence in making your own presentations with ease and total professionalism

Summary feedback “QQI Level 6 – Training Delivery and Evaluation” Training session

I am now aware of how to seek work or at least get the business name on the Local Authority list


Excellent informative and interactive seminar


Orla gave a very good presentation for e- tendering, we found her to be very clear and interesting, the time passed very quickly and with good information along the way.


I thought the training was very informative and helpful and it has made me look at the whole tendering process in a very different light. Thank you


Very clear and understandable presentation


Very well presented.


I found the course and the instructor very helpful


The course/seminar was excellent – many thanks


Thanks Orla, you made a very cumbersome topic really interesting

Summary feedback “Winning Public Sector Tenders” Training session – funded by Leitrim County Council –  delegates from a range of multi -sector SMEs

I had the pleasure of meeting when I was an attendee on a Train the Trainer programme to which Orla developed and delivered.  I was blown away by Orla’s no nonsense, clear and articulate way she delivered the programme.  It was clear from the offset that Orla’s balance of personal connection and also helping to identify and unlock the personal motivation and sense of purpose behind the performance of an individual to which I experienced and bared witness too was very powerful and it was because of these attributes that I clearly knew that Orla was the coach I could look to work with regards to goal setting and how best to achieve my own personal objectives. She also made much appreciated efforts to connect her coaching support to my learning and development style, sending relevant resources, articles of interest and so on. Orla always asks the relevant questions, sets the relevant scene and helps to empower you to finding the relevant and most effective answers. Thank you very much Orla for all your help over the last 4 years.

Annmarie Mulhall, Writer

I hired Orla Leydon as a Business Coach to support me in my role as Director of Innovative Fitness Solutions, a new and emerging business. I found her “Business Coaching For Performance Programme” invaluable for many reasons. I learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Orla was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from different perspectives, increasing my awareness and holding me accountable for my actions. She is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, and brings a combination of seasoned business executive and coach, with unique perspectives and listening skills. Her coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level. The skills and concepts I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career. I’m a much better listener, handle myself more effectively in dealing with interpersonal situations and provide much sharper responses

Joe Whyte, Director, Innovative Fitness Solutions (as seen on RTE’s Nationwide)

Since 2011 Orla Leydon from Office & Training Solutions has worked with us at Roscommon Leader Partnership in the role of Public Procurement Advisor (supplies, services and construction) supporting the staff and our promoters in this specialist area which is vital for our organisation. Her role involves delivering Public Procurement training sessions and providing a mentoring service for individual public procurement situations to include all steps in the process from the initial scoping of the contract requirement to the final awarding and managing of the successful contract. Throughout this time we have found Orla to be highly efficient providing rapid responses and turn round to all our queries without exception, with nothing ever appearing to be too much trouble for her. Her service has been exemplary with a high level of professionalism and knowledge and expertise in her field. She is very aware of the needs of our promoters and has the ability to reduce the complexities of the public procurement process for them by enabling them to focus on its benefits to their project rather than the potential hurdles. She has a very pragmatic and solution focused approach to what is considered to be a highly complex area .I would have no hesitation in recommending Orla to any organisation who needs such a service.

Patsy Daly, Rural Development Manager, Roscommon LEADER Partnership

We found so much of the information you taught us so helpful. In our first 8-Day Intensive Mud and Wood Course last Saturday we had quite a varied bunch of trainees in terms of learning styles – so it helped us engage with them better. It also made us realise that certain parts of the course just weren’t going to excite certain people, so we didn’t get too upset when they weren’t embracing certain aspects as much as we’d like. Instead we varied the day enough to make sure they never went too long without a bit of spark. The feedback forms were very positive about our mix of practical and theory

Feile Butler & Colin Ritchie, www.mudandwood.com, (attended Train the Trainer)

Orla is a results driven training and business consultant who places a high priority on achieving success in a timely manner. Orla worked on the development of a set of quality assurance procedures for FETAC accreditation on behalf of Momentum Creative Marketing Services which resulted in the delivery of an impressive application and the receipt of the FETAC quality assurance certification. I would highly recommend Orla to any company looking for business consultancy expertise.

Maggie Ruane,  Momentum Creative Marketing Services

Well instructed and beneficial.

Very informative, never lost interest.

Great course, highly recommended.

This was a very productive course, I learned a lot.

The atmosphere in the room was cosy, everybody took part. It brought the quieter people in the class out of their shell. It was also a welcome break in our usual routine of computer applications. It brought everyone closer together by working in teams, Fun & educational …to sum up!

Had no idea what to expect but found it very interesting & helpful. Found Orla helpful and easy to approach.

Mohill Computer Training (QQI Level 5 Personal Effectiveness course attendees)

 “I found Office & Training Solutions Train the Trainer course a real asset to me. Not only did it improve my presentation and training skills, but it also gave me confidence in training interviews where once I would have been all at sea. Money and time well spent”

James Kilkelly, horticulture trainer, www.allotments.ie, www.irishgardeners.com

Overall I felt the course covered all aspects of job applications, CV etc in great detail. I have gained a lot from this in updating me on modernising my approach to job applications and interview preparation. My objective at undertaking this course is to improve my CV and interview techniques and better my employment prospects. The material covered by the course is perfect for this. Great knowledge gained for me

Leitrim Development Company (Back to Work course attendees)

I attended a Train the Trainer course delivered by Orla, I found Orla to be an excellent tutor, very knowledgeable on the subject matter and helpful and professional at all times

Nicola McManus, Leitrim County Enterprise Board

Orla’s course struck the perfect balance between theory and practice.  It gave me a better understanding of the learning process, while providing me with practical tips on ways to improve my delivery.  I gained great insight into my own training style and learned about ways to involve participants with different learning styles in the learning process.  In completing the assignment, I developed an entire training module which I have successfully delivered using the key learning from the course. Orla is an excellent trainer. She ensured everyone in the room participated and was involved throughout the course. She challenged and encouraged us all in turn and her feedback and assessments were useful and constructive.  I know that I am a more confident and more effective trainer as a result of this course and would highly recommend it, and Orla, to anyone wishing to develop or improve their training skills

Audrey Robinson, Ballina Beverages

We are an IT Training Centre in Boyle, Co. Roscommon and have just been awarded FETAC Accreditation for our centre. The  process involved a comprehensive application working on the development of a set of quality assurance procedures, which Orla Leydon undertook for us. Orla also worked on our behalf on making an application to FAS producing a QA58/01 Training Document and it too has gained us a 30 week training programme from FAS. Orla is a most professional Business and Training Consultant who has impeccable standards and an extremely hard work ethic. I would highly recommend Orla to any company for her expertise and business acumen

Siobhan Gallagher, Centre Manager, Roscommon Learning Links

Some more QQI Level 6 Train the Trainer course attendees….

I found the course very beneficial. The facilitator delivered the course excellently, clearly and concisely. Orla was very helpful and an example of a great trainer, thanking you

Gail Murray, Roscommon Leader Partnership

Excellent course, well delivered. Will model Orla’s excellence in training in the future, Thank you!

Teresa O Brien, Roscommon Leader Partnership

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