Job Searching – the positives!

At Office & Training Solutions we are doing a lot of work with job seekers at the moment particularly in the area of skills self assessment and effective job searching. Did you know in Ireland 70 – 80% of new hires come through referrals i.e. the hidden jobs market (Source: This really emphasises the  importance of networking to job seekers to access this hidden jobs market! Also we hear so much about job losses but let’s look at the positives of job creation – below some very  recent job announcements in Ireland:

  • 250 jobs created at IT firm – September 2011
  • Tech firms to create 165 jobs – October 2011
  • 160 IT jobs to be created in Kerry – October 2011
  • Irish IT consulting company announces 90 new jobs – November 2011
  • Four routes out of Knock Airport will create around 100 jobs – November 2011
  • AUDI create 20 new Sligo jobs (200 nationally!)- December 2011
  • Hundreds of new jobs are set to be created in Galway City next Spring ZeniMax Online Studios –December 2011
  • €4 million funding announced for Knock airport will create 35 new jobs – 2 December 2011
A positive thought for a cold Monday!
Good luck to all the job seekers out there and  remember to believe in yourself, you have as much in your favour as anyone else, by believing in yourself you will convince future employers!

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