Customer Service – the link to sales!

Don’t underestimate the link between service and sales …borne out by these statistics……

Put as much (if not more!) energy into satisfying current customers than chasing new ones!

It costs five times more money to attract new customers than to keep existing customers satisfied …. a 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 125% …. on average 20% of your customer base make up 50% of your sales

Why do we lose customers

We have influence over 69% of the reasons! People do business with People!!


Sorting out complaints can win them over!

Scarily only 4% of customers who have a bad experience report it!

Message….Absence of complaints doesn’t mean people are satisfied with your service – you need to ask them to be sure!

Better still if you do ask ….almost 70% of them will continue to use your service if you listen and sort out their complaint!

Does good news impact?

Unfortunately…People remember the good news less…..We are less likely to tell others when we feel satisfied (unless asked) …satisfied customers ONLY tell 2 to 4!

Always remember the link to service and sales …. Customer Service Skill is now one of the top critical employability skills universally sought by employers……for more details on Customer Service training courses contact – 086 3807802

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