The winners and losers in the jobs market this quarter (Source

According to figures just released by there is very positive sustained growth this quarter (April to June 2011) across many key sectors  compared to this time last year with the winners and losers below … very positive news where the winners are concerned!

The winners…percentage increase since this Q 2010

  • Marketing +61pc
  • HR and Recruitment +59pc
  • Production and Manufacturing +48pc
  • IT +45pc
  • Legal +45pc
  • Sales +44pc
  • Accountancy and Finance +44pc
  • Hotel and Catering  +26pc

The losers – percentage decrease since this Q 2010

  • Environmental, Health & Safety -118pc
  • Beauty/Hair Care -32pc
  • Construction, Architecture and Property – 29pc
  • Retail – 12pc